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Cleanroom performance testing and certification

Axiom TAB’s continual pursuit of service excellence is manifested through our persevering commitment to offer the most cost-effective solution for each and every project undertaken.
Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) Services

CPT Services encompass a wide array of tests. Each facility’s requirements are determined by the facility managers. These may include:

  • Airborne Particle Counts
  • Filter Airflow Uniformity
  • Room Differential Pressurization
  • Temperature and Humidity Measurements & Mapping
  • Air Exchange Rates
  • Filter Leakage Test
Certification Process

Axiom TAB Pte Ltd performs NEBB Certified Cleanroom Performance Testing in accordance with client selected specifications and tests. This can be performed from the latest version of the ISO Standard 14644:2015(E) and the relevant sections of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology Recommended Practice, IEST-RPCC006.3 and the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Procedural Standards for Certified Testing of Cleanrooms (3rd Edition).
Basic performance testing to ISO Standard 14644-1 measures the ambient room particle counts for certification. Additional performance tests shown in ISO Standard 14644-3 are often performed to further document the cleanroom. Common additional tests include room differential pressurization, airflow velocity, airflow uniformity, temperature and humidity & mapping, and filter leakage test.

Cleanrooms can be certified at three different states of operation. An “As Built” state is just the room, without any people or equipment occupying the space. An “At Rest” state is a room with the equipment running but no people. An “Operational state has the equipment running as well as the people operating the equipment.

Axiom Tab competitive advantages lie in:
  • Human resources of various expertise
  • More than 25 years in management & practical testing experience in Singapore
  • Quality and management system in place
  • Service oriented teams
Diverse industry experience and customer base:
  • Semi-conductor
  • Life Science
  • Healthcare
  • Government institutions
  • Food Processing
  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Data Storage
  • Clean, Renewable Energy

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