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Cleanroom Cleaning Services

Cleanrooms are tightly controlled environments in which a wide variety of sensitive products — ranging from pharmaceuticals to electronics — are made. Thus, AxiomTAB’s team of experienced cleanroom cleaning specialists pay great attention to detail, making sure that our execution of this service meets the standards that we and our customers desire.

Being the pioneers of this service in Singapore, AxiomTAB’s extensive experience in this field has equipped us with the knowledge and expertise required to provide our customers with the best cleanroom cleaning service possible. The large number of cleanroom cleaning projects that we have undertaken that can best be split into two categories: routine cleans and decontamination cleans. Routine cleans refer to projects that are carried out on a regular basis — whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. This precision cleaning service is tailored to ensure that your cleanroom is kept well-maintained and thus able to continue to function at its optimal level.

  • After the construction/renovation of the cleanroom
  • After shutdown of the facility (e.g. before a handover)
  • For emergency maintenance (e.g. after a major spillage)
  • Prior to inspections or audits

AxiomTAB’s decontamination clean is tailored to ensure the removal of large-scale particulate build-up, clearing the overall bioburden present in the facility. We aim to perform this service as quickly as possible so as to keep the facility’s downtime to a minimum.

Our Cleanroom Cleaning Services

Here is an elaboration of the cleanroom cleaning services that we provide.

GMP Cleaning
Micro Cleaning
Validation Cleaning
Construction Clean-Up
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