Your Cleanroom and Indoor Air Quality Certification Specialist In Singapore

Company Overview

The word “Axiom” comes from the Greek 'that which is thought worthy or fit'. We dedicate ourselves undeniably to serve our customers with integrity, trustworthy and provide logical solutions.

AxiomTAB Pte Ltd provides professional testing and cleaning services related to environmental and air-conditioning for wide range of industries. As an experienced service provider, we aim to provide worry-free experience during testing or cleaning and determined to develop an exceptional and reliable relationship with our customers.
Experiences include:
- Pharmaceutical
- Biotechnology(eg. Laboratory)
- Medical(eg. Hospital)
- Commercial Building(eg. Shopping Mall, Office)

Indoor Air Quality

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) had been a neglected phenomenon in the workplace, which has gradually affecting the quality of work. The symptoms may include sensory irritation of eyes, nose & throat, neurotoxic & general health problems. As we spend most of our time working indoor, IAQ is a significant concern. In AxiomTAB, we provide comprehensive Indoor Air Quality testing for offices, buildings, healthcare facilities and also industrial facilities.

Cleanroom Performance Test(CPT)

We conduct a series of test to fulfill the criteria of meeting the established air cleanliness standards or requirements. Some of the more commonly performed cleanroom tests include: Airflow velocity, volume & uniformity test; Airborne particle count test; HEPA/ULPA filter installation leak test; Airflow parallelism test; Temperature/RH test; Room pressurization test; Sound pressurization test; Light intensity test; Airflow visualisation test.